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Unleash the True Value of AR with Rapid VisualizationRapid AR Prototyping powered by Designium New

Tokyo, October 24, 2023 – Designium Inc. launches Rapid AR Prototyping service. Leveraging our extensive AR/XR experience, this service can quickly turn ideas into AR prototypes in just a few weeks. The purpose of this service is to accelerate the development of your company's products, brand and business model. Based on this service, Designium aims to fully expand into the world.

AR is Essential for Visualization

AR is a technology that uses visual information from a device to provide new experiences. Since the value of the experience is enjoyed on a specific device, it is necessary to build a working prototype on an actual device to validate the idea. Unlike simple systems or static designs, AR provides users with an interactive and immersive experience. Without prototyping, you can’t accurately evaluate the technical or experience.

Technical Coverage

Our resources cover mobile and web apps, XR headsets, Snapchat, all visual positioning systems (VPS) and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. We have the ability to support the post-prototype phase.

More About Rapid AR Prototyping Service

About Designium Inc. Designium is an XR studio that brings together engineers from various fields to develop technology and focus on creating new immersive AR/XR experiences. Our main business is the development of various applications that combine augmented reality (AR) and visual positioning systems (VPS). In addition, we are also exploring the potential of AR glasses in practical applications. In Japan, we have development experience in implementing projects with many companies, including TV stations and mobile operators, and Designium is also developing and launching its own applications.

CEO: Maeda Satoshi

Tokyo office: 〒141–0031 3F, 2–25–1, Nishi-gotanda,Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Japan



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